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Each Association is unique in its requirements for management.  We believe that your Association should have options regarding the services it needs and the cost of management.  Accordingly we price our management services based on the following service packages:

  • Receive maintenance requests from residents. Investigate the request and contact the appropriate vendor.  Follow up with the request until completion.
  • Implement the cleaning, maintenance, repair, and replacement of all common areas in accordance with the approved budget.
  • Maintain the Association’s ongoing relationship with vendors.
  • Review all Association contracts and services and maintain an accessible record of the contract payment terms, expiration date and renewal provisions.
  • Monthly review of vendor’s performance. Prepare monthly report of findings.
  • Prepare bid documents, solicit bids and review competitive bids for services. Prepare bid comparison for Board.
  • Negotiate and execute service contracts.
  • Hire and supervise on-site maintenance personnel. Provide payroll administration if desired.
  • Recommend preventative maintenance programs.


  • Monitor compliance with all restrictions in the Association documents.
  • Prepare and send violation notices in accordance with the Association’s Policies and Documents.
  • Perform a monthly violation inspection of the entire property to identify violations.
  • Receive and investigate violation complaints.
  • Prepare monthly violation report for the Board.
  • Implement the existing policies and procedures relating to rules and regulations enforcement.
  • Maintain a respectful relationship with residents in requesting compliance.
  • Consult with the Association attorney on compliance issues if necessary.
  • Periodically review the Association’s policies and procedures and recommend revisions to the Board as needed.
  • Administer appropriate fines or other actions in accordance with Association policies and procedures. Attend Fine Review committee meetings not exceeding one per month.


  • Assist with the maintenance and repair of security gates/gatehouse.
  • Manage and maintain the Association’s access policies and procedures.
  • Solicit and review competitive bids for security and access services.
  • Supervise and coordinate on-site security personnel.
  • Review current post orders and evaluate security’s adherence to the orders.
  • Assign access devices (decals, bar codes, clickers) to resident vehicles and owners.
  • Update entries to vehicle entry software.
  • Periodically review security and access procedures with the appropriate committee, law enforcement and other government agencies.


  • File liens for delinquent accounts with Attorney and track progress of lien.
  • Negotiate payment of delinquent accounts with residents based on guidelines established with the Board.
  • Perform a periodic review of County Official Records for new foreclosure filings. Notify Attorney of foreclosure filings and initiate answer to protect Association’s rights of recovery.
  • Receive foreclosure notices and file copies with the Association Attorney for appropriate action.
  • Track foreclosure process and update Association records upon transfer of ownership.
  • Initiate appropriate collection procedures for delinquent accounts upon Foreclosure transfer of ownership.
  • Provide a monthly Foreclosure/Lien activity report to the Board.


  • Attend one monthly meeting for up to two standing committees (excluding a fines committee) not exceeding one hour per meeting.
  • Prepare reports and provide information as reasonably requested by the Committees. (The committee is responsible for taking and producing minutes.)
  • Act as liaison between Committee and vendors.


  • Staff an on-site office during specified times with at least one staff member or Manager.  The office will be open to receive and assist residents with questions regarding accounts, complaints, maintenance requests, common area reservations, assistance with access controls (bar codes, clickers, telephone entry updates), etc.

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