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  • Facilitate and attend one Board meeting per month and one annual meeting per year.
  • Prepare, post, and distribute the appropriate Board and Annual meeting notices.
  • Prepare and distribute to Directors "Board packets" consisting of relevant information to be considered at a monthly Board meeting.
  • Provide communications for Board members to attend meetings when off-site.
  • Implement Board policies.
  • Prepare and distribute the appropriate correspondence for annual elections, budget meetings and rules/regulation meetings.
  • Maintain the association records in accordance with Florida Statute.
  • Prepare and distribute Association correspondence.
  • Maintain the association's relationship with government entities.
  • Act as the liaison with the association's attorney.
  • Create and maintain a consolidated record of all Board motions for Board and management use.
  • Receive resident complaints or requests and respond as appropriate. Advise the Board of serious complaints or situations involving residents.
  • Maintain a current list of owners. Perform a review, at least annually, of the County real estate records and match against Association information. Investigate discrepancies and update as necessary.
  • Have prepared, at the Association's expense, corporation returns to be filed with local, state or federal agen­cies, including annual corporations filing with Secretary of State of Florida, filing of corporation tax returns both state and federal, if applicable, and filing proper information with Division of Land Sales and Condomin­iums. 
  • Consult with the Association's insur­ance agent and pass on recommenda­tions to the Board of Directors.  Where instructed by Association, cause to be placed and kept in force all insurance deemed necessary. Aid the Association in making claims and reports as are required by the insurance company for any potential loss or damages.
  • Account Payables - Payables accounting, semi-monthly vendor payment.
  • Account Receivables - Receivables accounting, account error resolution, processing late statements, submission of accounts to attorney for lien.
  • Monthly Financial Statements  - Statements of Income and Expense with actual to budget comparison, Expense Variance Report, Balance Sheet, Reserve Balance Statement, Bank Balance Statement, and Account Balance Statement.
  • Bank account reconciliation.
  • Manage funds in accordance with Association financial policies and procedures.
  • Assist with accountant's financial review or audit.
  • Annual budget preparation utilizing a proprietory budget program developed by Avatar.
  • Review, recommend and implement approved financial policies and procedures.
  • Assist with collections of past due accounts.
  • Monthly inspection of common area grounds, buildings, infrastructure (as visible), and equipment for needed maintenance, repair and replacement.  Monthly report of finding provided.
  • Prepare inventories of Association's equipment, tools and supplies.
  • Review Reserve assumptions with regard to the common area facilities, their condition and expected life. Recommend updates to Reserve assumptions or accounts based on findings.
  • Purchase necessary tools, supplies and services in accordance with the approved Association budget.

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